Songs of the Week 240: November 3 – November 9

yehan jehan#5. Yehan Jehan – Haze

Big fan of Mr. Jehan’s work. If you’re digging this, definitely check out his Mac DeMarco cover.

monsune3#4. Monsune – Cloud

The last from my Monsune collection is Cloud… another sultry pop-styled bedroom jam.

emerson leif#3. Emerson Leif – Wake Up With You

It’s a strong week of music, which is why it’s so tough to toss a track like Wake Up With You so at just #3. While I do think the chorus isn’t top notch, those hazy verses are so smooth.

de rien#2. De Rien – Cali

How about this for a goddamn debut track. Geez. Will be tough to follow this up, but I’m eagerly waiting to see De Rien try.

garcons-ladybug#1. Garcons – Ladybug

The lads put out a real stellar album a few weeks ago. Ladybug is the last feature I’ll have from Be Human.