Songs of the Week 242: November 17 – November 23

daste#5. Daste. – What If?

Half sultry, half jazzy. Daste.’s latest is a nice little distraction.

Gallant - Portrait#4. Gallant – Hips

Ridiculously strong week, with a track that I’d normally consider for an average week’s top spot sitting instead at #4. Another top track from Gallant’s recent release. Super sexy.

nick dorian#3. Nick Dorian Feat. Shibo – Kumbaya

I’m on a real “happy-go-lucky” songs trend. This song stands tall purely on those 25 seconds at 0:49 in. Both chill and catchy, a hook that I really really wish had repeated itself throughout the track.

ruby empress - hope#2. Ruby Empress – Hope

I’m a HUGE Ruby Empress fan. They manage to straddle the line of quirky and catchy so well, making music that is unique sounding, eclectic and yet mainstream enough to appeal to anyone and everyone. It actually kills me to have this at #2 and not #1, as I’ve had this on repeat for a good two weeks.

glass animals#1. Glass Animals Feat. Denzel Curry – Tokyo Drifting

Holy geebus. What a track. Easily a contender for song of the year. Denzel’s verse is straight fire and probably one of my favorite hip-hop verses ever, punctuated with a killer drop to end it. Glass Animals are no slouches either, doing their best hip-hop electro impression.