Songs of the Week 240: November 3 – November 9

yehan jehan#5. Yehan Jehan – Haze

Big fan of Mr. Jehan’s work. If you’re digging this, definitely check out his Mac DeMarco cover.

monsune3#4. Monsune – Cloud

The last from my Monsune collection is Cloud… another sultry pop-styled bedroom jam.

emerson leif#3. Emerson Leif – Wake Up With You

It’s a strong week of music, which is why it’s so tough to toss a track like Wake Up With You so at just #3. While I do think the chorus isn’t top notch, those hazy verses are so smooth.

de rien#2. De Rien – Cali

How about this for a goddamn debut track. Geez. Will be tough to follow this up, but I’m eagerly waiting to see De Rien try.

garcons-ladybug#1. Garcons – Ladybug

The lads put out a real stellar album a few weeks ago. Ladybug is the last feature I’ll have from Be Human.

Songs of the Week 239: October 27 – November 2

SG Lewis.Portrait 2015.Paris.Michela Cuccagna©#5. S.G. Lewis – Warm

One of S.G. Lewis’ oldest tracks has recently become one of my favs. Love the effects given to his vocals.

tianna major#4. Tiana Major9 Feat. Earthgang – Collide

Sometimes you just want a nice song. Collide gives off a strong sense of nostalgia.

girl ray#3. Girl Ray – Girl

Girl Ray make the kind of music that is just bound to be stuck in your head for days. Every one of their tracks has a happy-go-lucky catchy feel to it that sticks with you well after your first listen.

garcons-moon#2. Garcons – Moonlight

Goddamn these guys… with each passing release I’m more and more into this weird, funky blend of hip hop, pop and dance. They’ve quickly catapulted to the top of my “must see” list. Do yourself a favor and listen to their recent album release Be Human.

monsune#1. Monsune – Mountain

Another artist that has gone way up my list of must see bands. Like Garcons, his recent album release is glorious. Mountain starts off a bit slow, but it’s well worth the late, with a sound that harkens back to a romantic sitcom TV opening or something.