Songs of the Week 251: January 19 – January 26

binki-heybb#5. Binki – Heybb!

Another funky & absurdly unique track from binki.

boy & bear-vesuvius#4. Boy & Bear – Vesuvius

Lovely track. Loses points purely because I have the attention span of a squirrel and 6:00 minutes is just too long for me. But on the plus side, there are gorgeous strings.

kryptogram#3. Tame Impala – It Might Be Time (kryptogram Remix) //

If this doesn’t get those dancing juices flowing, you are a lost cause. What a groovy take on one of the stand-out hits from Tame Impala’s recent album.

final djs#2. Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Final DJs Remix) //

Talk about cool takes… Final DJs turns one of the sexiest tracks ever completely inside out and creates a disco jam. That build up is phenomenal, and the pulsing synths… nice times.

HATT#1. HATT – Do The Right Thing

With each listen I come to like this track more and more. There’s something about the echoed vocals and that layered chorus that is captivating. Kitsune really knows how to pick em.

Songs of the Week 250: January 12 – January 18

the feather#5. The Feather – Sister

Classic indie rock at it’s finest.

jordan ward#4. Jordan Ward – San Diego

Think I wore this one out, playing it way too much after the first listen. It’s starting to lose some of it’s charm… boy & bear-bird of paradise#3. Boy & Bear – Bird of Paradise

Continuing to jam our to Boy & Bear’s (not so new) album. Bird of Paradise is another one of the standouts.

binki#2. Binki – Sea Sick

This dude makes some really unique music. I always got time for something different. Loving the guitar riffs.

masego#1. Masego – Big Girls

WOWZA. It wasn’t even close this week. Masego’s blown my mind with Big Girls. It’s easy to pass off as a trashy hip hop track about strip clubs, but the more you listen the more layers you uncover about just how briliant and artistically strong a track this is. I encourage you to go check out the live rendition, which I think shows that off quite nicely.