Songs of the Week 252: January 26 – February 1

fly by midnight#5. Fly By Midnight – Ad Above Your Head

A well done pop song worms it’s way into your head and gets stuck for days, even if you really don’t like it that much. That’s kinda how I feel about Ad Above Your Head. While I’m not too crazy about the chorus, that hook is gorgeous and brilliant pop writing. Respect.

yehan jehan#4. Yehan Jehan – Invisible Friends

Yehan Jehan is one of my favorite artists that I wish more people knew. He’s the kind of artist I’d brag about as a “oh I liked him before he was famous” when the inevitable time comes. He’s just that cool.

north downs-silentmoon#3. North Downs – Silent Moon

I’m surprised that I’m writing this one in a top five, let alone as the third spot. As I was going through all my saved tracks from the past week or two, I couldn’t help but give this one a few plays and realize I liked it so much more than I …realized I liked it. If that at all makes sense. It’s sneaky good.

roman#2. Roman & Valdone – My Mind

It’s one of those weeks where literally every track is pretty much interchangeable and all deserve 5th as much as 1st. My Mind has got that sound of a track that feels like it’s about to burst into a Arty-style anthemic house track…but alas it does not.

kindness#1. Kindness Feat. Jazmine Sullivan – Hard To Believe

This one got top spot based entirely off the first 45 seconds. I find it such a tease, as while the rest of the track is very much solid stuff, those first 45 seconds are so so so good.