Songs of the Week 257: March 8 – March 14

zelma stone#5. Zelma Stone – Fly

I’m not actually sure that’s the legit Zelma Stone soundcloud, but frankly it’s all I could find. Also if you dig the track, do yourself a favor and give the music video a watch. It’ll give you some funky new dance moves. Win-win.

bronze whale2#4. Bronze Whale Feat. 5-D – Shrubbery

While the beat is more than solid, 5-D’s vocal play really takes over on this track. I get exhausted just listening to that pace.

Methyl Ethel.Portrait 2016.Paris.Michela Cuccagna©#3. Methyl Ethel – Majestic AF

You could probably predict what this track would sound like before even hitting play. With a band name like Methyl Ethyl and a track titled Majestic AF, you know you were about to get your weird pants on. Despite it’s oddness, quality track.

lauv#2. Lauv – Sweatpants

I assume with the release of his much-anticipated album, Lauv is done releasing individual tracks on Spotify, but in album form. Not gonna lie my dude, next time it’d be a lot easier if you just released the tracks themselves. Having to come through an entire album each time a new track was released, trying to find which track is the new one, is somewhat frustrating. Luckily, Lauv’s album ~how i’m feeling~ is brilliant, so that made the receptiveness of the task less painful.

bronze whale#1. Bronze Whale – Let’s Go Walk

One day I’ll try to catch up to the volumes of music Bronze Whale had touched (remix or original) prior to me discovering them. At this moment though, that’s just too daunting of a task. Instead I’ll revel in their newer releases so long as they are gorgeous. Like this bad boy.

Songs of the Week 256: March 1 – March 7

yuksek#5. Yuksek Feat. Breakbot & Irfane – The Only Reason

The French connection is real. French legends Yuksek & Breakbot re-unite (along with Irfane, who may also be a French legend but not as known to me so infinite apologies if this is my bad) on Yuksek’s newest album drop. This track really brought me back. When I first started blogging years and years ago, Sebastian Tellier was one of the very first artists to be heavily marketed as someone to feature from promoters. I eventually caved, and boy was I glad I did. He was fantastic, and opened up my eyes to the world of French DJs. Breakbot and Yuksek have both been heavily featured in my shuffle playlists ever since.

roddy ricch-the box#4. Roddy Ricchy Feat. Ty Dolla $ign – Bacc Seat

The Roddy Ricch tour continues (and finishes) with Bacc Seat, featuring the man who is featured in basically every hip hop track ever, Ty Dolla $ign. Still blasting this album daily. So good.

benji lewis#3. Benji Lewis – Fast Forward

Benji Lewis has always had a voice that demanded attention. However, this may be the first track that has felt really mature… a sound that belies how long he’s been around. Also I’m a sucker for a good falsetto… so there’s that.

sza#2. Sza & Justin Timberlake – The Other Side //

I mean ok, this song is great. It’s fun, danceable, catchy… really it’s just a nice time. But what is JT doing. Why is he exclusively making music for unusual movie soundtracks. Can we just have a new album please and thanks. (but legit, nice track).

Arrivals - 91st Academy Awards, Los Angeles, USA - 24 Feb 2019#1. Lady Gaga – Stupid Love

Lady Gaga has really cemented herself as the new generation’s Madonna.  This track just screams Madonna to me, and frankly it’s a brilliant track. I’ve never been a huge Gaga fan, but I can recognize quality when I hear it.