Songs of the Week 263: April 19 – April 25

chris James#5. Chris James – Melancholy

Catchy pop jams from Chris James start us off this week…

aaron marco#4. Aaron Marco – Fade Away

Followed by some catchy pop jams from Aaron Marco.

dvsn#3. Dvsn – For Us

Known for their bedroom tunes, dvsn delivers on their latest album drop.

teflonsega#2. Teflon Sega – Highway Man

While there are times where l find myself tiring of Teflon’s sound, the dude puts out so much music that there is still quality to be had. Really enjoying Highway Man.

imanbek#1. SAINt JHN – Roses Imanbek Remix)

I’m quite late on this one and frankly I’m not too sure how I missed this. While the original is a banger in it’s own right, Imanbek puts this up to a whole new level. The way the beats pound in after the faux drop is both genius and entrancing.