Songs of the Week 268: May 24 – May 30

luke wild#5. Luke Wild – Drop Me Off In The Sky

To be honest I’m not sure this is actually Luke Wild’s soundcloud, but let’s go with it. Dude knows how makes a nice pop jam.

freaky pat2#4. Freaky Pat Feat. Carmen Campbell & Cam Evans – Wasting No Time

To be honest Carmen Campbell’s chorus steals the show. Songs nice, but those are some silky smooth vocals from Carmen.

still woozy#3. Still Woozy – Windows

From the first 5 seconds of this song I knew this was an artist that I’d need to follow. Unique sound, some sick layered vocals and creativity for days. Excited to see where Still Woozy goes from here.

boy soda#2. Boy Soda – See Someone

Best prep yourself now, cause you’ll be seeing lots of Boy Soda in the weeklies coming up. Loving his sound.

kyle lux#1. Kyle Lux – No Roof Access

Bit late on this one but I got there eventually. Song starts a bit slowly, but really hits a groove once the hook & second verse start.