Songs of the Week 270: June 7 – June 13

nilo blues#5. Nilo Blues – She Like It

I don’t feel like I should like this track, but yet here we are. There’s some real goodness in that the post-chorus hook, and you can really hear the Drake influences.

innr circle#4. Innr Circle – Waves

Discovery of last week who I think is going to go onto big things. Got a really cool sound, and while the song itself is not blowing my mind I am so into the potential.

zhao#3. Zhao Feat. Annabelle Marginnis & Def Sound & Tolliver – Recollection

I kinda feel like Zhao is a sneaky music mastermind. His tracks are so unique and quirky, yet incredibly accessible.

be no rain#2. Be No Rain – All Night, Right?

I am so so so into this song and I don’t know why. There’s something about it that tickles my ears in a very nice way.

dornik-hangon#1. Dornik Feat. Skripture – Hang On

The last of the Dornik train, which makes me kinda sad. Another top quality track from Limboland. Dude is too good at music.