Songs of the Week 275: July 12 – July 18

#5. Soko – Oh, To Be A Rainbow!

The smokey vocals and blues-cafe sound get me. We have a strong week of tracks this week that are all wildy different, with no better song to start it off than Oh, To Be A Rainbow!.

#4. Narou Feat. Golow – Honest

Love me some Narou, but holy hell does Golow’s verse sound good. Definitely going to see what else this dude has done because he has a voice made for R&B.

#3. Limon Limon – Frozen Lemonade

The perfect summer song about… wishing it wasn’t summer anymore?! Get ready to have this stuck in your head all week. I’m a sucker for a great guitar lick.

#2. No Suits – Sue

Did I mention that I am a sucker for a good guitar lick? This may be the higher average quality week of tracks yet, 275 posts in. Love the swagger in this track.

#1. Dominik Fike – Chicken Tenders

When I started prepping and listening to tracks for this week, I knew I was gonna have Chicken Tenders in the 5. I just didn’t think it was going to be #1… but there is too much fun going on here that I can’t stop listening.