Songs of the Week 276: July 19 – July 25

#5. Postcard Boy – Flight

Sometimes you hear an artist for the first time and wonder how they aren’t bigger than they are. Postcard Boy’s track Flight does that for me. It’s full of promise and while he has quite a large discography, this track is the one that feels like it hints to so much potential, which hopefully is realized.

#4. Jonah Mutono – Circulation

Remember AWOLNATION’s Sail? Remember how powerful that chorus was. Circulation gives me the same vibes. Not as hard hitting, but just as momentous and impactful. I live for the chorus of this track. So good.

#3. Why Mona – Rabbit Hole

Known mostly for her covers, Why Mona and her unreal voice drop a stunner here. That “I like you just fine” has been stuck in my head for weeks (yea, working through a backlog again).

#2. They. Feat. Tinashe – Play Fight

Do you like early 90s R&B? Then buckle up… (also Tinashe is a goddess).

#1. No Suits – 3 Wishes

I really didn’t expect this when starting out writing this week, but here we are. The boys at No Suits just make music so fun. It’s half-hearted, easy listening that has you subtlety nodding along with a “ya.. this is nice times” kinda feel.