Songs of the Week 281: August 23 – August 29

#5. Running Touch – Lovely

Ayyy Spotify links works again. What a world. This sexy track from Running Touch also really works.

#4. Madeon – The Prince

Controversial opinion: the track that Madeon made as the final cut from his latest album (Good Prince) is better than all tracks on that album. That’s the rumor I read anyway, that The Prince just didn’t quite make it onto latest album. It’s so so good tho.

#3. Remi Wolf – Woo!

Remi Wolf and her insanely unique music is too cool for this world. There’s like, 4 songs inside this one track. It’s cray.

#2. Eli Dasilva – How Do You Do?

Typically I’m a hook & chorus guy. You nail those, and your track makes my rotation. This one though I have alllllll day for those verses.

#1. Teflon Sega – Waverunner

Been a while since I’ve featured a Teflon track… I mean it’s probably only been a few months but in Teflon Sega time that is years. Waverunner is sick.

Songs of the Week 280: August 16 – August 22

#5. Kim Petras – Malibu

Ok whatever stop judging. It’s catchy alright? Leave me alone. (also sorry, for whatever reason Spotify link isn’t embedding properly)

#4. Foreign Air – I Believe

Sometimes it’s nice to hear some good ol rock & roll. Nothing fancy. Just a good riff, catchy vocals and a great chorus.

#3. Running Touch – Signs

Got some serious Chris Issak Wicked Games vibes to start. Very sultry indeed.

#2. Lupin – May

Ok so it’s not just me or Spotify. WordPress made an update that turned something which was working perfectly into something that is now completely broken. Not great. But you know what is great? The debut track from Lupin.

#1. Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar

I don’t often fall for pop songs or what’s crushing the top 40 charts but my god, I cannot turn this track off. It’s so well done.