Songs of the Week 277: July 26 – August 1

#5. Remi Wolf – Sauce

Give it a listen. Then give it a few more. I swear there’s almost a trance-like sound to Sauce.

#4. Nick Ward – Aubrey Plaza

It could be because my first introduction to Nick Ward was the music video for Aubrey Plaza, complete with wings and a guitar-laden bedroom-pop sound that I immediately though of Sufjan Stevens. Ok to be real it’s probably just the wings. That said, there’s some quirky goodness here that evokes Sufjan, which should be enough to give it a go.

#3. Merci, Mercy – Fall Apart

I know I say this basically every week, but it was tough to pick a top song this week. The top three tracks were all killer. So treat Fall Apart like a #1/#2 track!

#2. Mome Feat. Ricky Ducati – Got It Made

There are some serious Justice/Daft Punk vibes here, even down to the Soundcloud artwork. If you dig this, go check out the music video. It’s equally as awesome.

#1. Balu Brigada – Weekend

Straight up feel-good tracks are what we need in abundance during the downtimes of COVID, social issues and everything else going on in the world today. Weekend has it, in spades. It’s also just cute as hell.