Songs of the Week 279: August 9 – August 15

#5. Narou feat. At The Crib – Check On Me

More deliciousness from Narou. This track would be wayyyyy higher on my top tracks of the year if there was more where that first verse came from. It’s so so smooth, and then just doesn’t come back.

#4. B.R.B. – Wake Up!

Oddly, this track feels like a bit of a guilty pleasure comfort food, despite this being the first time I’ve heard any songs from the B.R.B. boys. Guess it just has one of those sounds that’s all the rage these days (smoky/grungy R&B).

#3. Victoria Money – We Might Even Be Falling In Love (Interlude)

My only complaint here is that this track is an interlude and only 51 seconds long.

#2. Balu Brigada Feat. 0800 – Taxi

Another week with some Balu Brigada sneaking it’s way into the track list. Dudes make some damn catchy summer pop.

#1. Jawny – Sabotage

The man formerly performing under the name Johnny Utah (with one of the 2019 candidates for “track of the year” with Honeypie) is back with a new name and another disgustingly catchy song.