Songs of the Week 281: August 23 – August 29

#5. Running Touch – Lovely

Ayyy Spotify links works again. What a world. This sexy track from Running Touch also really works.

#4. Madeon – The Prince

Controversial opinion: the track that Madeon made as the final cut from his latest album (Good Prince) is better than all tracks on that album. That’s the rumor I read anyway, that The Prince just didn’t quite make it onto latest album. It’s so so good tho.

#3. Remi Wolf – Woo!

Remi Wolf and her insanely unique music is too cool for this world. There’s like, 4 songs inside this one track. It’s cray.

#2. Eli Dasilva – How Do You Do?

Typically I’m a hook & chorus guy. You nail those, and your track makes my rotation. This one though I have alllllll day for those verses.

#1. Teflon Sega – Waverunner

Been a while since I’ve featured a Teflon track… I mean it’s probably only been a few months but in Teflon Sega time that is years. Waverunner is sick.