Songs of the Week 285: September 20 – September 26

#5. Sky McCreery – Good Side

Some casual, easy listening tunes from Sky McCreery starts us off this week. This is pre-coffee, Sunday morning type music.

#4. Why Mona – At The Top

I did not even realize Unlike Pluto was the other half of the band Why Mona… it took until I was searching for a picture that it dawned on me. Crazy stuff. No wonder I’m vibing with everything they are making.

#3. Bloody White – Funeral

I’ve been really into this kinda dark, over (or under?) produced-sounding bedroom grunge pop stuff. It’s hard to describe, but I think you’ll see what I mean over the next few weeks as there are lots of tracks that have the same sound as what bloody white is delivering here. It’s angsty and I’m so here for it.

#2. Litany – Starsign

A total 180 from bloody white is another gem from Litany. While you can’t deny that all their sounds sound almost too similar, there’s just something so wholesome-sounding about their music. Would be fun to see live, should we ever be blessed to see music live again inside a small, sweaty venue.

#1. Jeris Johnson – She Moves Me

Didn’t think this would be the top track when I started off this week but there’s some little bits of late 90s emo coming through here that’s really bringing me back.

Songs of the Week 284: September 13 – September 19

#5. Grand Pax – PWR

Having a hard time describing what I love so much about this track. It’s just got that sound. The chorus is so good too.

#4. Curtis Waters Feat. Harm Franklin – Stunnin’

This song is so much bigger than I realized… soundcloud plays over 1.86m, youtube views over 16m, spotify over 105m plays… I’m actually shocked I didn’t stumble upon this sooner. With some super clever, repeatable lyrics and damn clever wordplay, it’ll be stuck in your head for days.

#3. Edward Knocks – My Energy

This one is kinda cheating, as while the song is great I really love it because of the oddly-sassy video, which I can no longer detach from the track itself.

#2. Kuma Overdose Feat. Tukki – Silhouette

There’s a definitely loop here with not a super deep level of lyrics, but it’s intoxicating nonetheless. There are many mini moments in this song I love, but it’s really just too much effort to get into them all so just listen and enjoy.

#1. Cobra Man – Heatwave

A no contest top track this week. If you hear some Foster The People in this, you have some astute ears, as Innis Innis is involved. Just an incredibly catchy, topic track to wind your summer down.