Songs of the Week 282: August 30 – September 5

#5. Duckwrth – New Love Song

Know the name, but can’t say I’ve heard too many tracks from Duckwrth before. Digging the vibes of New Love Song tho.

#4. Roosevelt – Echoes

Roosevelt’s really nailed his retro-disco sound. For me, the slightly warped vocals really seal the deal. Big fan of second of this track, where the pace gets super sci-fi spacey.

#3. Bibo – Late Hour

I’m a big fan of dark, broody tracks. This one has that in spades.

#2. Nicolosi – Surreal

Another track this week that I think really gets going in the last half of the track. Love the word-play as well.

#1. Glue70 – Throw Back

This week was really the week of chill, lo-fi beats type tracks.