Songs of the Week 287: October 4 – October 10

#5. Chris Malinchak – Happiness (Eternal Moment Mix)

This is a good week. In fact, I’d argue this may be the strongest five I’ve shared since I started writing this here blog. Start with a re-imagination of Chris Malinchak’s Happiness, which I think is light years better than the original. Has a much more euphoric sound, with MNEK’s vocals still shining through.

#4. Fhin – Love Attack

The robotic interludes kinda creep me out, but they also blend beautifully into the Chet-Faker-sounding grooves. Fhin really is one of the more creative artists out there right now.

#3. Brakence – Sauceintherough

This dude is gonna crush real soon, if not already. It’s not a sound for everyone, but it’s masterfully produced and frankly different from a lot of what’s out there right now. Getting a lot of the vlush-like vibes I was getting last year about Brakence here.

#2. The Accents – Maybe Hereafter

This one is 100% chorus for me. Yea the verse and hook are fine, but I’m very, very into that chorus. Classic case of a well-written pop track.

#1. London Grammar – Californian Soil

Boy does it make me happy to have a London Grammar track back atop a faves list. One of my ultimate favorite bands, it’s been a long time since they released stuff that I was into as much as I was into If You Wait, all the way back in 2014. This track is brilliant and beautiful tho, capturing everything the crew is known for – killer vocals, gorgeous strings and a captivating sound.