Songs of the Week 294: November 22 – November 28

#5. New West – Balenciaga

New West | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Easy listening pop-rock jams. The easiest of listening really.

#4. Roman Rogue – Playing With Fire

Roman Rouge | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Been a hot second since we had a new Weeknd-esque RnB banger. Glad to see we continue to see artists enter that kinda sound, as old Weeknd sound is the best sound.

#3. The Palms – Hollywood High

The Palms | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The Palm’s Charlie is a great record. If you dig this track, definitely check out that entire package.

#2. Jacknife Lee Feat. Bibi Bourelly & Barny Fletcher

Bibi Bourelly | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Seems Jacknife Lee doesn’t believe in Soundcloud. Nevertheless, I do think it’s Bibi’s vocals that steal the show. While the song has started to wear on me a bit, it’s all I played for a good week and I can’t help but admire how catchy Bibi’s verses are.

#1. The Paper Kites Feat. Julia Stone – Without Your Love

The Paper Kites | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Love the Paper Kites, and boy it’s been a while since I heard Julia Stone’s vocals but I was very into Angus & Julia Stone back in highschool. There’s something subtle about the way that The Paper Kites write music that I’m quite drawn to. It might be the slow growth of sounds as the track goes… or maybe the calming sense you get listening. Whatever it is, it’s a nice time.