Songs of the Week 302: January 31 – February 6

#5. Camden Murphy Feat. Andrea Belaida – Spilled Paint

Camden Murphy | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Nothin crazy here. Just a really pleasant little ditty from Camden Murphy with some lovely vocals from Andrea Belaida.

#4. Michaela Slinger – Make You Sad

michaelaslinger | Michaela Slinger | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Just adore the chorus. Been stuck in my head for daysss.

#3. Almost Monday – Live Forever

almost monday | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Some songs are just fun. Like this one. Mucho fun.

#2. Healy – Part Of Me

Healy | Free Listening on SoundCloud

A bit of a sleepy track from Healy (and another from his recent album Tungsten that really shines lyrically.

#1. CJ – Whoopty

CJ | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I can’t believe I’m writing this but goddamnit if this isn’t a catchy track. I’m convinced 90% of the reason I like the track is the looped vocal beat in the background, but I also recognize a well made top charts track when I see it. Respect.