Songs of the Week 308: March 14 – March 20

#5. Savi Minds – How I’m Alive

SAVI MINDS | Free Listening on SoundCloud

You know how sometimes, by the sound and style of someone’s music, you can almost guess or tell what they look like? Ok just me? Well, I definitely nailed down Savi Minds look based on how sound. Got that kinda “brilliant, eccentric, with just a touch of hippie” look AND sound going on.

#4. Berhana – California

berhana | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Catchy, easy-listening, head-bopping R&B.

#3. Beharie – What We Started

BEHARIE | BEHARIE | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Been really digging Beharie’s stuff lately, as evidenced by the 2nd track in as many weeks getting a feature. Has this cool, introspective sound to all his music. Like it’s made for those late night walks where it’s just you and the music.

#2. Loudan Feat. Fare – Falling

Breaking up all the slower, deep-thinking tracks this week is Loudan’s dance anthem Falling.

#1. Allday – Void

Allday | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Allday’s one of those polarizing artists where either you are into his voice or you aren’t. Loving his latest drop, which is a bit of a departure from his slightly hip-hop sounds to a straight up radio-pop track.