Songs of the Week 309: March 21 – March 27

#5. Lana Del Rey – Wild At Heart

Lana Del Rey | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Lana sounding very Lana here, and I’m down with that.

#4. Jungle – Keep Moving

JUNGLE. | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I neeeeeeed more Jungle in my life. It feels like eons ago that I was lucky enough to see them live just after they released For Ever (which is still the best show I’ve ever been to). Their 2 track release this past week was very welcome. This track’s got a great music video as well (if you choreographed dancing is your thing).

#3. Kay Seeyen – PIllow Talk

Kay Seeyen | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Super strong top three this week (with no disrespect meant to the previously listed Jungle & Lana tracks). First up is a super catchy bedroom pop track from a Kay Seeyen, who I haven’t come across before in my music discovery journey.

#2. Humble The Great – Never Enough

Humble The Great | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Having a hard time putting this NOT as #1, but there was one more track that I just can’t get out of my head. Despite that, there’s something incredibly charming about Humble The Great’s offering here, with it’s the gentle looped chords providing such a gorgeous backdrop for some lovely vocals.

#1. MNDR feat. Big Data – Save Yourself

MNDR | MNDR | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Big Data are one of my faves in everything he does (from the band name right up through to the nerdy sound of his music). I knew seconds into this track it was gonna be my jam, with my favorite part being the “blip” in sound right at the end of the first part of the hook. It’s brilliant… as if it’s a mistake that turned into an intentionally cool part of the track. The rest is just crazy catchy, crazy danceable, and MNDR brings her infectious energy to make it a must-play da clubs.