Songs of the Week 310: March 28 – April 3

#5. Andreww – Shadow Love

Andreww | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I’m a sucker for catchy lyrics and catchy hooks. Both in abundance in Andreww’s grunge-y pop track.

#4. Emawk – Yet

emawk | Free Listening on SoundCloud

This track feels like it’s so close to being one of my favorite songs of the past year or two. It’s clever, catchy and kinda off-beat. I just adore the verses. However, the chorus really doesn’t do it for me, and I find the full stop in the track a tad jarring. Yet (see what I did there?), I still have it cracking the top 5 of the week b/c those verses are brilliant.

#3. Gregarious Feat. Robin Yerah – Miscommunicate

GREGarious | Greg | Free Listening on SoundCloud

We’re starting to see some warm weather summer jams hit the airwaves. I like this track way more than a #3 of the week song, but alas… strong week.

#2. Abroad – To Say

Abroad | Abroad | Free Listening on SoundCloud

As far as I’m concerned, Abroad only make chart-topping pop hits. I think I have loved every single one of their releases and have featured them at least 2-3 times before. The subtle drop in the second verse gets me everytime. Smoooth.

#1. Neil Francis Feat. Raffaella – On the Lookout

NEIL FRANCES | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Ok so while this came out months ago, I only discovered it last week and so I’m counting it in my “the summer jams are here” theory because this is the ultimate summer vibe song. I’m also kinda in love with Rafaella’s voice.