Songs of the Week 313: April 18 – April 24

#5. Ruti – Closer To You

Ruti | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Kind of a weird week this one. Got 4 tracks that are all fairly interchangeable for how I’d rank em for this week’s list. Some consider #2-#5 somewhat of a random selection, starting off with this pleasant-sounding ditty from Ruti.

#4. Joyeur – End of the World

Joyeur | Free Listening on SoundCloud

A somewhat trippy track, with a hook that’ll be stuck in your head post-listen (which is a sure-fire way to make the cut for my weekly list).

#3. Emmit Fenn – Moving On

Emmit Fenn | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Anything Emmit Fenn creates just makes me overwhelmingly sad, even without paying attention to what the lyrics are about. A real skill at conveying a sense of emotion through his music.

#2. London Grammar – Missing

London Grammar | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Another cut from Californian Soil that I’m really digging.

#1. Low Island – Who’s Having The Greatest Time?

Low Island | Free Listening on SoundCloud

LOVED Low Island’s recent album, so expect to see a few more tracks from it over the coming weeks. This is far and away my favorite though. Give it until at least 1:30 in, as the real grooves kick in around 1:20. Such a quirky & eccentric track.