Songs of the Week 315: May 2 – May 8

#5. Biyo – Pantone

Biyo | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Super catchy, unique and just a real nice time. The first of several Biyo tracks I’ll be featuring over the next few weeks.

#4. Magic City Hippies – Diamond

Magic City Hippies | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I LOVE the sound Magic City Hippies have going. Their songs are the epitome of summer chill.

#3. Bungalow Collect – Tell Me Where To Go

Can’t seem to find any soundcloud or artist links, so all you get is a spotify share of this catchy piece of hip hop. I really wish Apollo J came back for a second first, as his (the very first one you hear) is hella smooth. Overall, just a real feel-good hip hop track, of which there are not enough of in the world.

#2. Low Island – Search Box

Low Island | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I actually find the verses kinda weird and uncomfortable, but man oh man that chorus is catchy & danceable. I also love me some retro synths.

#1. Kian – Sunbeams (Harvey Sutherland Remix)

HARVEY SUTHERLAND | Free Listening on SoundCloud / KIAN | Kian Brownfield | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I started this week off with the idea of this being the #4 track. However as I kept listening and writing up it’s little bit, I kept changing my mind until welp, now we’re at the top spot. It’s a really great spin on the original that adds some great 80s vibes. And honestly, 75% of why I adore this song is due to the 5 second spurt 0:52 in. Ughhhhh I wish he’d played that subtle warped vocal through the song so much more. Another instance where I wish I was even remotely musically inclined, so I could put the Kevin spin on the Harvey spin of Sunbeam.