Songs of the Week 317: May 15 – May 22

#5. Satin Jackets Feat. Jon Paul – Secret Lover

Satin Jackets | Free Listening on SoundCloud

A mild banger of a track. Not gonna blow your socks off, but you’ll be boppin. Feels made for radio.

#4. Biyo – Waterfall

Biyo | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The last of the Biyo tracks (for now…), waterfall is another quirky (albeit a little less quiry than the previous shares) from a severely underrated collection of tracks. Biyo rock. Give em a chance.

#3. Jean-Mikhael – Neighbours Are Calling

THE JEAN-MIKHAEL | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Another week where the top three tracks are interchangable. All are equally #3 and #1. Super sexy stuff here tho. Solid falsetto.

#2. Remi Wolf – Woo! (Panda Bear Remix)

Panda Bear | Free Listening on SoundCloud // Remi Wolf | Free Listening on SoundCloud

If you are hearing some Animal Collective here, well you are a smart human. Panda Bear is an offshoot of Noah Benjamin Lennox, and he lends his eclectic flair to one of my fave tracks of the last 12 months. It works well. Very well.

#1. Re:wild – Hide

re:wild | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Getting some minor heartsrevolution vibes here. I can’t quite put my finger on what has me so into this track but I adore it. It’s also their only track, which adds to the mystique. And no, that kid in the header image is not the artist.