Songs of the Week 331: August 22 – August 28

#5. Harrison Brome – Coconut Cream

Not the first Harrison Brome song we’ve featured… and likely not the last.

#4. Qwiet Type – Colors In My Dreams (Taylor Franklyn Remix) //

5-10 years ago, remixes were EVERYTHING. Now it seems to be an exception, not the norm, when I come across a remix that catches my ears.

#3. Mcamp – Can’t Watch You Fall

Just a really nice, “take home to your mom” kinda track.

#2. Goodboy Noah feat. Brasstracks – Backseat

You know what to expect from Brasstracks, but Goodboy Noah feels like a relative newcomer to the scene… and has delivered a gooey pop track.

#1. Almost Monday – Cool Enough

Almost Monday are starting to make some big moves in my playlist… consistently releasing tracks of pure fun.

Songs of the Week 330: August 15 – August 21

#5. 1990nowhere Feat. Olivver the Kid & Lostboycrew – Picasso

There’s a lot going on with the features on this one… but it’s got some solid radio pop qualities to it.

#4. No Suits – Sega Genesis

A No Suits track that sounds so very No Suits. A catchy first line, catchy wordplay and just a summer time groove embedded throughout.

#3. Weirdo – Transcendence

A moody, brooding track from from Weirdo.

#2. Merchant feat. John Taylor & Mindi Abair – Dead Days & Gatorade

Lots of heavy features in tracks today. Here’s a chorus for ya that’ll be stuck in your head days after.

#1. Jungle – Lifting You

Stop the presses. New Jungle album finally dropped… and while we had heard many of the tracks as pre-released singles, it’s still a big day. While I don’t think this was as strong an offering as For Ever was, it’s full of charm and a brilliant album that’ll make for some kick ass live performances.