Songs of the Week 328: August 1 – August 7

#5. Clavvs – Weeds

Some signature bedroom pop from Clavvs, who’re starting to develop a very recognizable sound.

#4. Gang of Youths – The Overpass

After discovering Unison a few weeks, I finished my playthrough of the Gangs of Youths discography. A couple gems, one of which is The Overpass which sounds like an angsty track from my teenage years… almost like a more mature version of Dashboard Confessional or something. It also clocks in at well over 7:00 minutes, which ain’t something I usually go for. But here we are.

#3. Magic City Hippies Feat. Nafets – High Beams

The kings of feel good hippy tunes are back with another blazer of a track. IMO, this one really shines during the second verse where Nafets does his thing (at least I think that’s Nafets…).

#2. Hablot Brown – Go (Detroit Swindle Remix) //

Just a fantastic cut, giving a but more funk to Go.

#1. Bathe – Hazel

Didn’t think this would be the top track when I started out this week’s writeup, but here we are. Short and sweet… with really only the last 30 minutes having vocals… but they pack a punch.