Songs of the Week 332: August 29 – September 4

#5. Andy Caldwell Feat. Satellite Mode – Pulling Every String

Easy listening prog-house-ish style track from Andy Caldwell.

#4. – Greed

A track that I saved on first listen but kept popping up after and each time I’d think “wait, what track is this??!”. Finally decided it was worthy of a spot.

#3. Limon Limon feat. Kelechi – Missed Connection

Despite it very obviously not being Seal on the vocals, all I hear is Seal each time I hit play on the newest drop from the lads at Limon Limon.

#2. Andrei Lucas – 90s Summer Cool

I’m very into what’s been done to the vocals on 90s Summer Cool. Has a bit of this warble, distortion effect (I think?).

#1. Knox Fortune – Come Over

Knew from the opening line I’d like this one. Just had “IT” for me. Imagine this’d be a great festival track.