Songs of the Week 334: September 12 – September 18

#5. Mating Ritual – Old Disco

Been some time since I heard new stuff from Mating Ritual. Their “in your face” style of pop rock still holds true. Adrenaline-fueled, fun music.

#4. Mild Minds – Machine

This track is the “uncanny valley” of songs to me. It makes me uncomfortable and kinda creeps me out. But I still dig it nonetheless.

#3. Jr Jr – Good Old Days (Classixx Remix) //

It’s been AGES since I heard a Classixx remix. Glad to see they are just as retro-chill as they always were. Great spin of this JR JR.

#2. Little Monarch – Strike

Hadn’t heard of Little Monarch prior to Strike. Will be sure to follow now. Great pop track.

#1. Kanye West – Believe What I Say

I truly did not expect to like anything on Donda. After a few albums of music I just could not listen to (which is so disappointing considering how much I adored the early-era Kanye). In fact I’m almost disgusted by how much I am in love with Believe What I Say. It’s brilliant. It’s the epitome of the kind of light-hearted hip hop I adore. Catchy hooks, great sample, singable and just a feel-good vibe. Why do you tease me like this Kanye. Make more like this plz.