Songs of the Week 337: October 3 – October 9

#5 Mito – Show You

Interesting collection of tracks this week, with nothing truly being the “standout” track of the week… and all having somewhat of a chill, laid back vibe to em. Starts of with Mito, and a track made for poolside hangs for when you have not a care in the world.

#4. The China Blue – Sleep

Bit more R&B & sensualism in this one than the first “chill” track posted this week. Comes in right at the sweet spot for track length tho.

#3. Duckwrth feat. Destin Conrad – Clueless

Even the hip-hop-esque tracks are laid back this week. Tho this feels a lot more like pop hop or r&b-blended hip hop than anything.

#2. Olive Amun – Deadweight

A bit of a departure from the chill theme… but that guitar hook is a certain brand of chill to me. The type for when you’re cruising out on the empty highways, wind in your face and no one in sight.

#1. Dot – Keep On

The one track that might really break the theme this week. Loving the AI-style vibes from this pulsating track that’ll leave a mark and have you hearing it in your head for days after.