Songs of the Week 339: October 17 – October 23

#5 Holow Feat. Max Green – Chemicals

Starting off this week with a feel-good dance rock jam, which has one of those sticky choruses that never leaves your head. No need to thank me.

#4. Poolclvb Feat. Gus – Runaway

Sold on this song at the first drop. Feels less good as time goes, but love the opening minute.

#3. Shayhan – Goodbye

Another feel-good track that is chock full of charm and positive vibes.

#2. Young & Sick Feat. Munya – Angels

How fucking push and swanky is this track. Young & Sick has such a cool sound. Each track has me somewhat in awe.

#1. Buck Slenderly – Whole Damn Snack

Feel kinda dirty putting this #1 ahead of Angels, but there’s something about Buck Slenderly tracks that draw me in. Like a guilty pleasure that I’m not really that guilty of. So I guess it’s just a pleasure?