Songs of the Week 340: October 24 – October 30

#5. Curren$y – Freezer

By now you should know the deal. A new Curren$y drops and there’ll be at least one track featured here. At this point it’s basically comfort music.

#4. Kye feat. Jerome Farah – Tuesday

One of those classic “well this is a nice sounding track” songs. Pleasant to the ears. Having a catchy chorus helps.

#3. Mosey – I Mingle

Completely hooked on the chorus. Think I first heard this through a remix package, but ended up digging the original much more.

#2. Young & Sick – Once Or Twice

I know I’ve said this for basically every track featured from Young & Sick’s Brother, but gosh darn these tracks are brilliant. Dude is a musical genius. I’m already looking forward to whatever follow up albums he has in store for us in the future. Also need to see him live ASAP.

#1. Stellie – Bullet Through the Heart

WOWZA. Started off with some major Lana Del Rey vibes, but she really starts developing her own thing after that opening few bars. What really gets me is the chorus and the pounding keyboard. I’ve had it on repeat for 19 straight days since I fear heard it. Track of the year candidate.