Songs of the Week 344: November 21 – November 27

#5. Aries – ETA

Not sure if it’s cause we’re moving into the holidays and it’s music slow season, but the well is finally starting to run a bit. Really had to scrape to find five feature-able tracks this week. At this rate, for the first time in however many years this blog has been running… we may have to skip a week to re-build the reserves. All that said, digging Aries album! Might see a few cuts from this…

#4. J Appiah – Wyhg

Feels like the type of track that you can just sense the potential.

#3. Kavinsky Feat. Cautious Clay

Not sure Kavinsky will ever be able to live up to Nightcall, but he’s brought back the retro-Tron vibes in partnership with Cautious Clay here.

#2. Neil Frances Feat. Grae – Finding Rhythm

Bubbly & cheery. Reminiscent of my other fave from them – On The Lookout.

#1. Sachi Feat. Naika – Enchante (Phantoms Remix)

Takes a while to really get going, but I find myself entranced by those remix regardless.

Songs of the Week 343: November 14 – November 20

#5. Buck Slenderly – Endless Obsession

Another week, another track from Buck. This one sounds a touch too similar to his previous tracks, but still digging it nonetheless.

#4. Ryan Shepherd Feat. Georgi Kay – Never Give Up

Been a while since there’s been a good EDM dance track crossing my path. Love me some Georgi Kay vocals.

#3. Tep No – Am I Free

The perfect summer chillin track. But alas, in Vancouver it is not summer. But we can still pretend.

#2. Broods – Heartbreak

A very all around, solid pop track from Broods. Another hit in a large catalogue of hits.

#1. Mothermay – Resurrection (Hero Remix) //

Didn’t think this’d be the top track when I started out. Gotta admit tho, Hero does a killer remix job here. So dirty, grimey and groovy.