Songs of the Week 345: November 28 – December 4

#5. Pines Feat. Tailor – What You Need

A track that sounds as much like Pines as it does Tailor. Gives me some real vapor soul vibes (thanks Spotify, for introducing me to such a genre classification that feels unnecessarily specific).

#4. Young Bae Feat. Cosmo’s Midnight – Straight Up Relaxin’

BRB spending rest of my night exploring the rest of Young Bae’s song archive.

#3. Jay Glavany – Butterflies Interlude

A lot of new artists this week – acts I’ll have to spend some time digging into their other tracks to see if there’s some good stuff there. Props to the soundcloud “tracks you may have missed this year” playlist. While their counterpart to Spotify’s “Wrapped” feels lame and copy-cat, I loved the “what you missed” list.

#2. Hero – The Inside of Control

Ok Hero is straight up badass and has one of the coolest images/mystiques in music. That said, this track kinda creeps me out. But like, in a good way. Good creep.

#1. Luca – Serotonin

Another artist with a mind-blowing debut track. The transient, ephemeral beat is wicked cool. Also love the flow. Super excited to see where this guy goes.