Songs of the Week 353: January 23 – January 29

#5. Kiiara – Closer

Brooding. Dark. Seductive. Standard Kiiara sounds.

The Wombats – Wildfire

The very opposite of brooding, dark and seductive. Standard Wombats sound.

#3. Years & Years – Nightcall

Years & Years have a knack for that anthemic, pop-ready radio chorus.

#2. The Knocks Feat. T.E.E.D. – Walking On Water

Even knowing we have TEED on vocals here, this track sounds a lot more like a TEED track than The Knocks…

#1. Daniel Di Angelo – Addictded

Another in the train of Daniel Di Angelo tracks cued up for the start of the year. #1 spot this week more a reflection of a relatively weaker week of tracks than my adoration of the track. But, like most of this music… there’s something there that keeps me coming back.

Songs of the Week 352: January 16 – January 22

#5. The Wombats – This Car Drives All By Itself

This song is fun. This entire album is fun. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

#4. Daniel Di Angelo – 3AM In LA Freestyle

Going to see a lot of this dude in the coming weeks. Most of the tracks will probably come in around the 4/5 slots. Not groundbreaking. Kinda low hanging fruit from a lyrical standpoint… but the “sound” is on point. Some real solid, hazy R&B.

#3. Years & Years – Sooner Or Later

Really into the new Years & Years album. Sooner Or Later is pretty classic Y&Y… catchy chorus’, a “stuck in your head” style ending… quality stuff.

#2. Plaza – Still Alive

Plaza has such a killer sound. I kinda wish I was him.

#1. Cautious Clay – Rapture In Blue

The best chorus of the bunch wins the top 5 this week. Love me some Cautious Clay.