Songs of the Week 358: February 27 – March 5

#5. Folly Group – I Rase You (The Price Of Your Head)

Loving the guitar licks. Getting some mild Spoon vibes for some reason.

#4. Mntgmry – Imperfect Love

A sway ‘n bob track. Cute and catchy.

#3. Secret Spade – Skyline (The Goods Remix)

A good ol fashioned remix! Feel like we don’t get many of these anymore. At least not like we did in the early 2000s.

#2. Raury – Channel Zero

I’m here for the rapid fire lyrics and the uber-chill background beat/sampled (?) vocal.

#1. Broods – Goodbye World, Hello Space Island

I’d heard the 45 seconds of this as an album teaser some time ago and am so so so happy to hear that it was indeed a full-fledged track. LOVE it. Such a cool vibe.