Songs of the Week 359: March 6 – March 12

#5. Odesza Feat. Maro – Better Now

Looking forward to Odesza’s new album… but trying to keep my expectations in check as it’ll be hard to top A Moment Apart.

#4. Bob Moses – Broken Belief

Speaking of new album from fantastic bands, Bob Moses just dropped their latest, of which this industrial banger comes from.

#3. Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Love You Like I Do

How can I not throw in Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s newest stuff on here?! It’s my hometown, after all.

#2. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

You might be asking yourself “what year is it?!” seeing an Arcade Fire track from 2010 getting posted, but to be honest I was never a huge Arcade Fire fan back in the day (I know I know.. shameeeee). But after going down some youtube wormholes and seeing a live rendition of The Suburbs, I realized (10 years too late) what makes them (and this track) so special.

#1. Benee – Hurt You, Gus

This song has a such a lovable and unique sound, much like most of Benee’s stuff.