Songs of the Week 361: May 8 – May 14

Took a bit of a hiatus – some of which driven by some busy times, and some of which driven by just a major lull in music discovery. But I’m back! At least, will try my best to be back. May not always have the content each week going forward to create the quality of tracks I like to share, but if the tunes are there I’ll get to posting eventually. For now, we have a few weeks worth of quality from the brief break 🙂

#5. Mont Duamel – Young

Airy, light, summer vibes from Mont Duamel.

#4. Vince Staples – Papercut

Knew from the opening lines that I’d be into this track – tho I do think the chorus is a bit weak. But the verses are hottttttttttttttttttt.

#3. Lia Ices – Electric Arc

Went to the well for this one, as it’s by no means a new drop. But I was going thru my old tunes from my ancient laptop and forgot just how rad Lia Ices is. The world could use more artists like her, who aren’t afraid to try different sounds. Go listen to all of her stuff. It’s well worth it.

#2. Arno Faraji – On The Move

Just a KILLER hook here. Honestly, the verses and chorus could be crap (they aren’t) and I’d still love this track for the hook.

#1. Hamond – Angels

I remember coming across this track while deciding to take a bit of a break on the blog and thinking… “this would defintely be a #1 track of the week”. At this point, it’s probably one of my favorites tracks of the year so far. Brilliant pop track.