Songs of the Week 362: May 15 – May 21

#5. Syd – Sweet

This one’s got some Kehlani vibes going for it.

#4. Lia Ices – Thousand Eyes

One of the first Lia Ices tracks I ever came across, many moons ago. Still bumps to this day.

#3. Low Island – Down To The Furthest Point

Bit of an “eclectic” week this one, with Lia Ices and now Low Island, who have a pretty unique sound in their own right.

#2. Fonteray – Floating Through My Head

Was a tough choice for top track this one, as I think Floating Through My Head is definitely a “#1-worthy” tune.

#1. Harper Minta Feat. Snagev – No Coffee

How effing catchy and smooth is this one?! Geeeee-zus. Still stick in my head, despite being in my top rotation for a few weeks now.