Songs of the Week 363: May 22 – May 28

#5. Lady Frequency – Visions

Would you like to be transported to a swanky underground jazz club full of leather booths and a hazy, smoke-filled, lantern-lit vibe? Then have I got the track for you…

#4. Grae – Boxes

Bad girl vibes, but her music has a bit of innocence about it. And catchy. Always catchy.

#3. Luca – Altar

Serotonin still lives near the top of my rotation list, and now my boy Luca is out with his 2nd track and it’s equally jaw-dropping. Similar eclectic, indie rock sound.

#2. Oliver Malcolm – Rolling Stone

One of those tracks that continues to get lost in my shuffle, and each single time it comes on I pause and think “who is this and what is this song?!” Fantastic vocals and some sick guitar riffs.

#1. Foals – Looking High

I’m very hit and miss with Foals. If I like the track, I ADORE it. If I’m not into it, it’s one of those “skip immediately” type things. Thankfully, more often than not it’s on the “adore” side. Excited for the upcoming album, of which we’ve had 3-4 tracks dropped so far.