Songs of the Week 368: July 10 – July 16

#5. Just A Leo – Little Rollercoaster

One of the catchiest choruses of the year. Fun lil guitar riff too.

#4. Phlake feat. Vera – 2min

I’m still convinced Phlake are sneakily one of the best pop RnB bands out there right now. Great vocals, sultry vibes. The more I listen to this track (I listen to them while I do their writeup/image searching), the more I’m thinking it probably should be higher than #4…

#3. Mallrat – To You

A good ol’ fashioned bedroom pop track. Another this week with a great chorus.

#2. Jesse Mac Cormack – Stay

My Jesse Mac Cormack train continues chugging. I’m obsessed with the dude. Such a range of sounds, all of which feels incredibly unique.

#1. Chet Faker – It’s Not You (Demo Version)

Chet Faker still stands as one of the best live shows I’ve been too. Haven’t been following him as much during his name change days, but now he’s been popping up on my radar again since going back to the Chet Faker moniker. Loving the demo version of this track. Feels like the Chet of old.