Songs of the Week 369: July 24 – July 30

#5. Gigi – The Man

A gentle, sweeping track with a voice that I was certainly not expecting when I hit play.

#4. Jesse Mac Cormack – Ever Go On

Four STUNNER tracks to finish us off this week, starting off with the last of my picks from Jesse Mac Cormack’s brilliant discography.

#3. Sabrina Song – Doors

Completely obsessed with the first minute and a half of this track.

#2. Tory Lanez – City Boy Summer

More from my main guilty pleasure. That flow tho. So sick.

#1. Eden – Modern Warfare

Bit of a 180 from the previous track, we have a gem from Eden. Dude is so creative, and has such a unique sound (even if I can totally understand how it’s not for everyone).