Songs of the Week 373: August 21 – August 27

#5. Joey Bada$$ – Eulogy

Killer track from a killer album with a killer beat.

#4. KTL – Here It Comes

Real strong week of tracks this week. Chill, folksy vibes in this one (a rare breed for this blog).

#3. Wake The Wild – LMK

These dudes really know how to make some catchy pop RnB tracks. Quietly loving pretty much everything Wake The Wild come out with.

#2. Mac Miller – People Under The Stairs

Gosh I miss Mac Miller. This track embodies everything I loved about the dude. Chill vibes, sick flow and that last line – straight fire and mic drop moment.

#1. Von Sell – Not Already Dead

Was hard to choose something about the Mac Miller track, but this one just has a vibe. Catchy AF, a wonderful guitar line and some awesome vocals. I’m not a huge fan of the chorus, but I can deal with it for the sickly sweet verses.

Songs of the Week 372: August 14 – August 20

#5. Roy Woods – Insecure

Still on the Roy Woods train, all these years later.

#4. Lou Val – Didn’t I

Lou Val being Lou val. Unique and experimental.

#3. Tessa Dixson – Bad Thoughts

Fantastic transition/chorus. Groovin use of layered vocals.

#2. Great Gable – Sidewalk

Some pop rock songs just have it. This is one of em. Catch AF.

#1. Neil Francis – Dancing (Psychic Mirrors Remix)

Can’t find any pages for Psychic Mirrors, but wow do they do a fantastic number on this Neil Francis tune. That drop is glorious. My friend described this as very “Japanese City Pop” and I totally hear it.