Songs of the Week 375: September 4 – September 10

#5. Airpark feat. St. Lucia – Under The Light

Breezy and summery, with a very “sing-along” vibe.

#4. Kainalu – Queen Of Wands

This is one of those “Starbucks or H&M tracks”. The tune you hear at some trendy shop where the crew is on their music game and blasts the indie hits.

#3. Klaverson – I’m Coming Home

Pretty fantastic debut track here. Got some breathe. vibes, who are one of my fave acts around.

#2. Tones & I – Charlie

Another hit for the ultimate hit maker of three years ago. Groovy stuff.

#1. Aash Mehta feat. Andy Sandrick & Capelle – When I Saw You In A Crowded Room

The kind of track I’d die to hear in a small, intimate venue with super cool lightning effects. Has a bit of an ethereal feel to it.