Songs of the Week 377: September 25 – October 1

#5. The 1975 – I’m In Love With You

Maybe it’s just poor memory, but the 1975 does not bring up happy-go-lucky love songs to mind… and yet here we are. Love the vibes of the verses. Chorus, not as much.

#4. Big Wild – Curious

Been fun watching Big Wild explode into the mainstream. Dude’s a legit star now. I like to think it’s all cause of 6’s to 9’s, which is pretty much my favorite song of the past decade.

#3. Franc Moody – Into The Ether

This song has mad swagger. Another this week tho where I’m not quite into the chorus, but love everything else about it… especially the futuristic space-y vibes.

#2. Aevion – Be The One

Disco is back babeeeeeeeeey.

#1. Elderbrook Feat. Tourist – Howl

The “you really turned my life around” gets me every time. So good.