Songs of the Week 383: November 20 – November 26

#5. Natalia Salter – Million And One

Some nice song writing + some pleasant guitar = good times

#4. Fred Again.. – Delilah (Pull Me Out Of This)

I might just be losing my touch, but I really feel like Fred Again.. came out of nowhere to being absolutely everywhere. Definitely got himself a unique sound.

#3. Wildes – A Night So Long

Another sneaky non-Spotify release from Wildes that is – one again – gorgeous.

#2. Great Good Fine Ok – Paradise

After the first verse I was convinced this was gonna be a contender for song of the year… but alas the chorus doesn’t quite hit it for me. Regardless, this is some catchy as helllll lyricism.

#1. Buck Slenderly – Balance

Not a lot to say here. It’s simple really. I see a new Buck Slenderly tune, and I give it a write up. Even better is that the message is positive and uplifting. The grooves and bedroom sultriness is added bonus.