Songs of the Week 385: December 18 – December 24

#5. Fini Feat. Francis Skyes – Under the Sun

Not normally one for folksy-sounding tracks, but the charming-level is just tooo damn high here.

#4. Fhin Feat. Aloise Sauvage – Tactile

Fhin is a musical genius. Straight up. His range of tracks is incredible.

#3. Daulton Hopkins – Glue

Like Fini above, this one is all about the “feel good” sound. Pure pleasant. Pure good vibes.

#2. Jvly – Swim

I’m seduced by the guitar lick. Screams chill, summertime pool vibes to me.

#1. Elle Limebear Feat. Jake Isaac – Angels (Reimagined)

A beautiful track, equally as good as the non “Reimagined” version (I just also dig Jake Isaac’s vocals). Will have this one on repeat for much of the next year methinks.

Songs of the Week 384: December 4 – December 10

#5. Kwaku Asante – Nothing Left To Say

Some serious tv show/sitcom intro vibes on this one.

#4. Fonteray – Green Viridian

Another fun indie pop track from Fonteray. Little bit of an eclectic kick as well.

#3. Sylo – Air

Sylo’s got a real distinctive voice. Just a nice, gentle ditty.

#2. Private Island – Don’t Worry

Another track where the guitar lick just slays me. What a catchy chorus as well.

#1. Imogen Mahdavi – Some Things Are Best Over Said

Unique voice and an incredibly catchy, feel good melody. Easy win.