Songs of the Week 386: January 8 – January 14

#5. Pnau feat. Troye Sivan – You Know What I Need

Been a while since last post with the holiday break, but we back with a banger of a week. Heading it is the combined brilliance of PNAU & Troye Sivan.

#4. Wake The Wild – Need Your Love

Wake The Wild produce nothing but hits in my ears. Much like how I felt about early Aquilo, each new track these guys release I know will be amazing.

#3. The Kith – Can’t Get Enough

Every good week of tracks needs a dance tune.

#2. Aldae – Far From Texas

Major Justin Bieber mixed with Drake vibes here. It works. Don’t @ me.

#1. Teenage Dads – Hey, Diego!

An early contender for song the the year appears! What a goddamn chorus. These dudes sound like the kind of guys I’d like to be friends with.