Songs of the Week 388: February 12 – February 18

#5. Evergreen – Aidono

Catchy, breezy and chic. Also love a good female+male vocal duo.

#4. S.G. Lewis Feat. Charlotte Day Wilson & Channel Tres – Fever Dreamer

Another fantastic album drop by S.G. Lewis. One of the few artists I’ve been following who’s managed to stay pretty true to his sounds and style despite getting pretty huge in the scene.

#3. Bayonne – Solo

I adore this dude and his sound. His music manages to put me at ease – meditative almost.

#2. Moon Boots Feat. Steven Klavier – Ride Away

I been on this journey with Moon Boots since way back in the Sugar days, and man he is still rocking it, over 150 tracks later. A truly epic discography.

#1. Thunder Jackson – Guilty Party

Life’s been a bit wild over the last few months, and I haven’t been able to post as regularly as I typically do. One of the artists I’ve come across during this quasi-hiatus is Thunder Jackson, who is literally rocking my world. His eponymous titled album is unreal. This won’t be the only time he’ll grace the pages of this blog.